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Phoebe: What am I __①__?
Chandler: Top of the world? Dock of the bay? I'm out.
Phoebe: Ew!! Undies!
Rachel: All right. Whose are they? Whose are they?
Ross: Well, they're not mine.
Chandler: Well, they're Joey's! They gotta be Joey's!
Joey: Yeah, __②__.
Chandler: See? They're Joey's! J-J-J-J-J-Joey's!
Ross: __③__?
Joey: I don't know, uh, well, I'm Joey. Yeah, I'm disgusting, I take my underwear off in other people's homes.
Rachel: Well, get 'em out of here! What's wrong with you?
Chandler: Yeah!
Monica: Yeah!
Rachel: Take 'em! Joey, you can touch them. __④__.
Joey: Chandler? __⑤__?

[In the guys' apartment]

Joey: That's it! __⑥__. This has got to stop! Ahh! And tighty-whities? What are you, 8?
Monica: Thank you Joey, thank you so much.
Joey: Oh hey, no, you're not welcome. Okay, look, I hate this! __⑦__! Yesterday, Rachel found your razor in our bathroom. I didn't know what to say, so I said it was mine and, and that I was playing a woman in a play. And __⑧__ and
Monica: Wow! And around the ankles, you know, that is a tough spot.
Joey: Yeah, it was. All right, listen, I can't..
Chandler: All this lying has been hard on us too.
Joey: Oh-oh, yeah-yeah, I bet all the sex makes it easier!
Chandler: Well, yeah actually.
Monica: We'll try to be more careful okay? It's just that, __⑨__ because this is going really well, and maybe the reason it's going really well is because it's a secret.
Chandler: I know it sounds really weird, but __⑩__.
Monica: We are. Help us!
Chandler: Help.
Joey: All right. But, you do it with me once.
Monica: Joey!
Joey: Didn't think so.


  1. sitting on
  2. they're mine
  3. Why are they here?
  4. They're your underwear
  5. A word?
  6. I'm tired of covering for you two
  7. You guys keep embarrassing me
  8. one thing led to another
  9. we don't want everyone to know
  10. we're just so bad at relationships



Phrases and Vocabulary


Phrases of the Day

cover for .. ~をかばう、助ける、代わりをする
take off 服を脱ぐ
What's wrong with you? あなたどうしたのよ?
A word. ちょっといいかな。話があるんだけど。
  元の文は、I'd like a word with you./Can I have a word with you?
One thing led to another. その後いろいろあって、いろいろ重なって、
The reason (why) 文 is because 文 ~の理由は~だからです。
be bad at ~が苦手だ、下手だ
All this lying has been hard on us too. 僕たちだって、こうやって嘘付いてるのは辛いんだよ。
Didn't think so. そう思ったよ。(やっぱりダメだということはわかってたよ、の意)

Vocabulary of the Day

undies 下着(常に複数)
underwear 下着(不可算名詞)
the handle of a large spoon 大きなスプーンの柄
pause 一瞬言葉を止める
disgusting 気持ち悪い、最低
shrug 肩をすくめる(知らない、または、関心がないことを示す仕草)
pants leg(s) ズボンの裾、脚
embarrass ズボンの裾、脚
razor カミソリ
a play 芝居、劇、舞台
shave 体の毛を剃る
relationships 関係(特に、男女の)




I don't know./I don't care.という意味の仕草です。




この回は、Season5 Episode9 "The One with Ross's Sandwich" です。かなり笑える面白いエピソードです。