Pronunciation Quiz

発音クイズ Day2 《間違えやすい音》

今回は、発音クイズの第2弾です。英文を聞いて、空欄に入る単語を選んでください。10問をクリックした後に、ページ右下の「Submit my answers」ボタンをクリックすると、結果が表示されます。ぜひ7問以上を目指してください!

Question 1

You have a nice ____.

Question 2

He died at the scene of the ____.

Question 3

He was driving in the ___ when I saw him.

Question 4

I was counting on the ___-funding.

Question 5

My account is ___ed on this website.

Question 6

They used to have a strong ___.

Question 7

Why would she ___ her fridge?

Question 8

I stumbled upon a ____.

Question 9

The house went up in ____.

Question 10

He ____ revenge against us.