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異性を「誘う、迫る、口説く」は come on to【ドラマFriendsから】








Monica: All right, so, now that Ross knows, can you tell us y'know how it happened? I mean, when did it happen? How many times did it happen?
Phoebe: Monica! That's not right! Start with where.
Rachel: Well, it happened about six weeks ago, and uh I had just got home from work and Ross was already there 'cause I guess he had been hanging out with Joey.
Joey: You're welcome, buddy.
Ross: (glaring at him) Yeah, thanks.
Rachel: And so I had a lot of work to do, and Ross, nice guy that he is, offered to help me out. And then we had a little wine, we got to talking, and the next thing you know, out of nowhere, __①__.
Ross: That's, that's a little __②__.
Rachel: What is?
Ross: The lie you just told.
Rachel: That you came on to me?
Ross: There's the one!
Rachel: But you did! I mean, let's be honest.
Ross: Yes let's. You know what, uh, it's not important. What's important is that we're having a baby. And doesn't matter __③__.
Joey: Whom. (Everyone looks at him shocked.) That's right.
Rachel: You know you kissed me first.
Ross: What? What? You were begging me to kiss you! You were sending me signals __④__!
Rachel: I was sending you signals?
Ross: Yeah!
Rachel: Oh please. Okay, anyone in this room think that I would actually send Ross begging signals, please, show of hands.
Ross: You know what. It doesn't matter! It doesn't matter what people "believe". __⑤__!
Rachel: Okay. So these signals, Ross, explain this to me, 'cause maybe I need to be more careful. I mean, am I sending you these signals right now?
Ross: You know what, you know what, Rachel, just drop it.
Rachel: No please, show me how I begged you!
Ross: I CAN show you, __⑥__! (Stunned silence) It's an expression.


  1. Ross comes on to me
  2. misleading
  3. who came on to who
  4. all over the place
  5. What matters is what happened
  6. I have it on videotape



Phrases and Vocabulary


Phrases of the Day

now that .. もう~だから(接続詞のような働き)
start with .. ~から始める、~で始まる
hang out with .. ~と遊ぶ、時間を過ごす
nice guy that he is 彼はいい人なので
help .. out ~を手助けする
get to talking 話し始める、会話が始まる
the next thing you know 気付いたら
out of nowhere いきなり
come on to .. ~を口説く、迫る、言い寄る
There's the one! ほら、それだよ!
all over the place やたらと、至る所で、頻繁に、しょっちゅう
Drop it この話はやめよう。
I have it on videotape ビデオに撮ってある

Vocabulary of the Day

glare at にらみつける
misleading 誤解を与える
beg 頼み込む、お願いする、懇願する
signals 合図、メッセージ
show of hands 挙手で(多数決で)決めること
expression 表現、言葉のあや(文字通りではない)

異性を「誘う、迫る、口説く」は come on to

異性を「誘う、迫る、口説く」は、英語で come on to ...と表現します。


He came on to me.
Are you coming on to me?
He's always coming on strong to me. I wish he'd stop.


今回は、Friends Season8 Episode4 "The One with the Videotape" からでした。

このドラマではよく映画スターがゲスト出演(cameo)することで有名です。この回の前後で Brad Pitt が端役で登場しています。