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  1. 海外ドラマFriendsで英語リスニング
  2. Phrases and Vocabulary
  3. 「仕事休んで家にいた」は英語で?会社関連の表現
  4. あとがき




Joey: Hey.
Chandler: Hey.
Joey: I got you something. Open it! Open it!
Chandler: Okay. It's a chicken.
Joey: It's cute, huh?
Phoebe: Whoa-whoa-whoa, you guys, __①__?
Chandler: Fowl? No. Women? Nooo.
Phoebe: Okay, well they are a huge responsibility, especially at this age. __②__. __③__, and lots and lots of love.
Joey: Oh, well no problem there.
Chandler: Easy Lenny.

Chandler: Okay, but this is the last time. With a chick-chick here, and a chick-chick there. Here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick-chick-chickeeeen.
Joey: Hey.
Chandler: Hey.
Joey: How's she doing?
Chandler: She?
Joey: Well yeah, __④__?
Chandler: I don't know. I can't tell. __⑤__ too quickly.
Joey: Well, anyway, I got to go change, I'm meeting some of the cast for drinks.
Chandler: Excuse me?
Joey: What?
Chandler: __⑥__ today while you were at rehearsal so somebody could be here with our chick.
Joey: Hey! Who was up from 2 o'clock this morning until 5 o'clock this morning trying to get her back to sleep?
Chandler: You don't think I get up when you get up?
Joey: Oh, here it comes.
Chandler: Yes, here it comes! __⑦__, and then you come in and spend two seconds with us and then expect to go off gallivanting with your friends? Well I don't think so, Mr.!
Joey: Hey. I need to relax! Okay? I was working all day!
Chandler: And you don't think taking care of our chick is work?
Joey: That's not what I said. Okay, I just meant..
Chandler: I know what you meant. You notice that ever since we got this chick, we've been fighting a lot more than we used to?
Joey: I don't know, maybe we weren't ready to have a chick.
Chandler: __⑧__.
Joey: I know. I know.
Chandler: __⑨__ tomorrow.
Joey: __⑩__?

Chandler: I know. See, yes. That's Yasmine Bleeth, she's a completely different kind of chick. I love you both. But in very different ways.
Joey: Hey.
Chandler: Hey.
Joey: Ohhh. Ahh! What are you doing?! __⑪__.
Chandler: I did! But the store wouldn't take her back! So then I took her to the shelter, and you know what I found out?
Chandler: If they can't find a home for her, they kill her! And I'm not gonna let that happen to little Yasmine!
Joey: Okay, good, good, good, ‘cause __⑫__.
Chandler: Okay. And it's not just chicks y'know? It's all kinds of other animals!
Joey: That's horrible! Well, you did the right thing man.
Chandler: Thanks, __⑬__.
Chandler: Ohhh-hoo, funny story!

  1. do you know anything about chicks?
  2. They require constant care
  3. They need just the right food
  4. don't you think it's a she?
  5. Whatever it was went back in
  6. I stayed home from work
  7. I'm stuck here all day
  8. I sure want one someday, though
  9. I'll take her back
  10. Do you think we'll get our three bucks back?
  11. I thought you were gonna take her back to the store today
  12. I was kinda having second thoughts too
  13. I'm glad you see it that way



Phrases and Vocabulary


Phrases of the Day

They require constant care いつも世話をする必要がある
just the right food ちょうど最適な食べ物
it's a she 女の子だ、メスだ
I can't tell 区別がつかない、見分けがつかない
Whatever it was went back in 何だかわからないけど奥に引っ込んでいった
go change 着替えに行く
I stayed home from work 会社を休んで家にいた
Here it comes! ほら、来た。
go (off) gallivanting 遊びに行く
I sure want one someday though. いつか絶対欲しくなるけど。
take ... back ~を返す、返却する
get our 3 bucks back 3ドル返金してもらう
have second thoughts 躊躇する、考え直す
I'm glad you see it that way 君がそういう風に見てくれて嬉しいよ。

Vocabulary of the Day

a chicken ニワトリ(可算名詞扱いのときは動物、不可算なら鶏肉になる)
chicks ひよこ
fowl 家禽、鳥
responsibility 責任
require ~を必要とする
stuck 足止めを食らっている、留まっている、身動きが取れないでいる
shelter 動物の保護施設
the right thing 正しい事



日本では「会社」の単語を多用しますが、英語では work(仕事、職場、会社)を多用します。ぜひ覚えておきましょう。


"I stayed home from work today"







ちなみに、今回は、Friends Season3 Episode21 "The One with Ross's Sandwich" からです。この回も大笑いしっぱなしのエピソードです。


Happy Golden Week!