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ジェスチャーAir Quotesの意味は?海外ドラマFriendsでリスニング!



ドラマ Friends でリスニング練習



Ross と Joe の掛け合いが、聞いててホント面白いですよ。頑張ってトライしてみてください。



  1. 0:02-0:04 Can I ...?
  2. 0:32-0:35 Ross, I know ...
  3. 0:40-0:42 Technically, I ...
  4. 0:59-1:02 When people ...
  5. 1:27-1:29 ...., Joe.
  6. 1:37-1:38 We ...
  7. 1:42-1:45 Now you should ...
  8. 2:17-2:18 ...!
  9. 2:23-2:27 I couldn't help it. ....
  10. 2:32-2:34 You ...

(1)Can I get a couple of blueberry muffins to go?
Diapers, huh?
So I guess Rachel had your baby?
Can you believe it?
I can't even believe she slept with you in the first place.
You mean, like...huh?
(2)Ross, I know you're pissed at me, but we have to talk about this.
Actually, we don't.
Fine. Okay. Fine. But I gotta say, (3)technically, I didn't even do anything wrong.
What? You didn't do anything wrong?
I said I didn't technically.
Okay. Let's put aside the fact that you "accidentally" picked up my grandmother's ring, and you "accidentally" proposed to Rachel.
Can I just stop you right there for a second? (4)When people do this: I don't really know what that means.
You were saying?
And I could even understand that you couldn't tell Rachel.
But why couldn't you tell me? You had all day to, and you didn't.
I know. I should've.
"I'm sorry."
(5)Not using it right, Joe.
"I'm sorry."
I'm gonna go.
No, come on. Look. Ross, (6)we have to get past this.
Give me the bag.
No, I don't know what else to do. I said I'm sorry.
(7)Now you should scream at me, or curse me, or hit me.
I'm not gonna hit you.
Why not? You'll feel better. I'll feel better.
You know you want to. I can see it in your eyes.
No, I don't.
A little bit.
Little bit.
A little bit more.
Give me the bag. Give me the bag.
No, hit me.
Hit me.
Give me the bag.
I'm not kidding.
Hit me.
Hit me.
Hit me.
Hit me!

(8)You ducked!
I'm sorry! It was a reflex!
Oh, my God! This really hurts!
(9)I couldn't help it. When a fist comes at your face, you duck. Look.
What is the matter with you?
(10)You were supposed to duck! Why didn't you duck?
Why don't we talk about this on the way to the hospital.
Yeah, maybe while we're there, they can check your reflexes.


Air quotesって何のこと?




Air Quotesとは?

0:52 と 0:55 のジェスチャーは、ネイティブが会話でよく使う仕草です。Double quotationで囲む ("...") ことで、その部分を強調し、暗にその単語の逆の意味や違う意味で(皮肉で)言っていることを表しています。必ず指2本を両手で1回または2回チョンチョンと折り曲げるようにします。finger quotes, air quotes, scare quotes などと呼ばれます。