英語学習におすすめ!映画 E.T. (1982)でリスニングに最適な箇所を紹介

1982年の名作映画「E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial」のワンシーンを使ってリスニング練習をしてみましょう。






Gertie: _____(1)______ for Halloween?
Elliott: I'm not going to stupid Halloween.
Michael: Why don't you go as a Goblin?
Elliott: Shut up.
Mary: ______(2)______, honey.
Elliott: Well, it was real, I swear...
Mary: What are you going as, Gert?
Gertie: I'm going as a cowgirl.
Elliott: So, what else is new?
Michael: ______(3)______.
Elliott: It was no iguana.
Michael: Maybe uh, uh, _______(4)_______.
Gertie: Alligators in the sewers.
Mary: All we're trying to say is maybe you just probably imagined it.
Elliott: ______(5)_______!
Michael: Maybe it was a pervert, a deformed kid or something?
Gertie: A deformed kid.
Michael: Maybe an elf or a leprechaun?
Elliott: It was nothing like that, penis breath!
Mary: (laughing) Elliott!  Sit down!
Elliott: ______(6)______.
Mary: Maybe you ought to call your father and ___(7)___.
Elliott: I can't. He's in Mexico with Sally.
Gertie: Where's Mexico?
Michael: I'm gonna kill you! 
Mary: If you ever see it again, whatever it is, don't touch it. Just call me and ____(8)_____.
Gertie: Like the dog catcher?
Elliott: But they'll give it a lobotomy or do experiments on it or something.
Mary: ____(9)_____, fellas.
Michael: I set and cleared.
Elliott: I set and cleared.
Michael: I did breakfast.
Gertie: I did breakfast.
Michael: What's wrong, Mom?
Mary: He hates Mexico.
Michael: Damn it. Why don't you grow up? _____(10)_____!


(1) What are you going as (for Halloween)?

(2) It's not that we don't believe you

(3) Maybe it was an iguana.

(4) You know how they say there are alligators in the sewers.

(5) I couldn't have imagined it!

(6) Dad would believe me.

(7) tell him about it

(8) we'll have somebody come and take it away

(9) It's your turn to do the dishes

(10) Think how other people feel for a change!



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