Grammar Quiz

Grammar Quiz Day15 - 時間の表現


10問すべてを選んだ後に、ページの一番右下の「Check your answers」ボタンをクリックすると、ページ内に結果が表示されます。Give it a try!

Question 1

Let's meet up ___ Sunday.

Question 2

I don't want to work ___ night.

Question 3

I have nothing ____ the day tomorrow.

Question 4

I'm going to New York ___ the 1st.

Question 5

He was just here a second ____.

Question 6

I was scared ___ first.

Question 7

I'll be moving to Singapore ___ 3 years.

Question 8

I had the same thing happen ____ the other day.

Question 9

I need your reply ____ the next 3 days.

Question 10

I'm pretty busy ___ the moment.