Grammar Quiz

「その財布、どうするの?」の時の前置詞は?【about と with の使い分け】[Quiz]

「think about...」のように、形容詞や動詞のうしろにはよく前置詞が来ますが、その中でも今日は、日本人がよく間違ってしまうような、「about と with」の使い分けをクイズで確かめてみましょう。


10問すべてを選んだ後に、ページの一番右下の「Check your answers」ボタンをクリックすると、ページ内に結果が表示されます。Give it your best shot!

Question 1

I'm not happy ___ who my daughter is marrying.


Question 2

What are you gonna do ___ that wallet?


Question 3

I don't have anything to do ___ this.


Question 4

I'm happy ___ my job.


Question 5

I'm bored ___ not doing anything at home like this.


Question 6

What can I help you ___?


Question 7

What are you gonna do ___ this?


Question 8

Are you excited ___ going to New York?


Question 9

You should do something ___ this.


Question 10

I'm worried ___ your future.