Grammar Quiz

日本人の弱点となっている助動詞とは? [Quiz]

日本人の弱点となっている助動詞のクイズです。日本人が最も苦手な would, could, should も含まれています。今回は中級レベルなので、合格ラインは60%正解とします。

10問すべてを選んだ後に、ページの一番右下の「Check your answers」ボタンをクリックすると、ページ内に結果が表示されます。Give it your best shot!

Question 1

I ____ eat pizza every day.

Question 2

Paul: Look, uh, I don't resent you.
Jack: I ______ blame you if you did.

Question 3

You ____ want to ask Tony about that.

Question 4

You ____ want to know.

Question 5

____ a dog get a cold?

Question 6

Nurse: What seems to be the problem?
Patient: I'm not sure. I have a dull pain in my belly.
Nurse: ____ you be pregnant?
Patient: No.

Question 7

I'm the last person you _____ be asking.

Question 8

I ____ get there in 5.

Question 9

I ____ never live in Canada. It's too cold for me.

Question 10

He _____ be here any minute.