Grammar Quiz

To や At などの前置詞を正しく判別していますか?[Grammar Quiz 20]


10問すべてを選んだ後に、ページの一番右下の「Check your answers」ボタンをクリックすると、ページ内に結果が表示されます。Give it your best shot!

Question 1

What time do we have to get there ___?

Question 2

What are you listening ___?

Question 3

What kind of situation do you say that ___?

Question 4

He threw the ball ___ me.

Question 5

How long has he been here ___?

Question 6

I'm looking ___ buy a new computer.

Question 7

What did you discuss ___?

Question 8

I'll go ___ get some groceries. You want anything?

Question 9

Do you have any idea what you cut your foot ___?

Question 10

I wanna marry ___ her.